Twas the Night Before Retirement

Twas the night before Retirement, when all through the house
Joe was up stirring, awaking his spouse
His 401(k)’s disappearing, his health insurance too
Joe was worried and scared knowing not what to do

When outside of his door there arose such a clatter
Joe rushed out to see what was the matter
Not knowing what happened, he stood there and shivered
But lo and behold! A package was delivered

“What’s this?” Joe wondered, “I must have a look”
Though he knew in a moment it must be a book
Suddenly Joe was relieved, his worries no more
Bill Roiter’s
Beyond Work was his own and he had to explore

In the pages he found eye-opening advice
On how to retire successfully, the words clear and concise
In retirement, Joe learned, he must focus on four domains
Financial was one, but Personal, Social, and Physical remain

Baby boomers are worrying about their futures, no doubt, but the holiday season also adds pressure and stress to already uncertain times. With less control over finances, stress has played a larger part in their lives. Somehow, the happy in the holidays is taking quite a hit this year.

When retirees worry too much about their finances, they forget about three other areas in their life that cannot be put aside: their personal, physical, and social domains. When financial security is taken off the table, so to speak, retirees and boomers can look for happiness from their family, friends, and themselves. By concentrating on other matters they can remain not only successful, but also happy.

Happy Holidays!



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3 responses to “Twas the Night Before Retirement

  1. Hello, I wanted to compliment you on a well written article in the May issue of LifeAfter50 magazine in Southern California. I have always liked Walt Disney’s observation on retirement, “people rust out, they don’t wear out”. He was known for recruiting retirees and allowing their skills to be applied to meaningful work. I have retired three times (so far) and I am in the process of developing a new business. Do you do consulting on how to locate and advertise for retirees? I would be interested in some pointers on finding retired persons who are interested in a fun second career. Thanks, Scott

  2. Scott – I work with people who are thinking about retirement but really aren’t ready to hang it up yet. I am not sure if I do what you describe but I would enjoy talking with to see if I can be of help. If not, I will at least learn about your your two previous retirements. I am working on my next article about serial retirements and you may fit the profile.

    You can email me at and we can find a way to connect.

    Also, I am always pleased to hear from someone who finds value in what I write.


    Bill Roiter

  3. Every time I come to there is another exciting post up to read. A friend of mine was talking to me about this topic several weeks ago. I think I’ll e-mail my friend the url here and see what they say.

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