Three Personal Qualities for Retiring Well

I am frequently asked ‘what are the qualities that are consistent among people who retire well?’  I have been pondering the answer to this question.   As I reviewed the interviews I conducted for my book and my conversations with my clients, I found that three qualities stood out.  They are Competence, Confidence and Courage, the 3 Qualities for Retiring Well.

The 3Cs:

1.       Competence – This comes from a combination of talent, skill and experience, but it does not stop there.  It is made fresh through constant learning.  The past informs us, the present teaches us and the future is what we make of it.

2.       Confidence – This uses competence as the foundation for making decisions.  It is confidence that allows a person to make the best choices, not just the easiest choices.

3.       Courage – This allows us to take positive action when there is no certainty.  It is the fuel of discovery and resilience.  Retirement is filled with challenges and opportunities; courage allows us to meet the challenges and exploit the opportunities.

Bill Roiter 


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