Beyond Work is the “Best Retirement Book of 2008”

Beyond Work: How Accomplished People Retire Successfully (Wiley, 2008) was selected as the Independent Publishers’ Axiom Award Gold Medal winner in the 2008 retirement book category.  The competitively judged Axiom Book Awards presents gold, silver and bronze medals in 22 categories.  “The judging is based on content, originality, design, and production quality, with emphasis on innovation and creativity. The judging panel includes experts from the fields of editing, design, reviewing, bookselling, and library science.”


I was very pleased to learn of my book’s selection and I greatly appreciate the recognition of Beyond Work as a valuable tool for those considering retirement or recently retired.

Beyond Work looks at retirement as a whole life experience and describes the four sets of challenges and opportunities that people face as they move beyond work.  This time of life is much more than leaving work and managing personal finances.  It is about building a successful life by maximizing your financial, physical, social and personal well-being.  The book provides an overview of a successful retirement and specifics as to how to manage and improve your well-being.  Ideas are described using real life stories from the many people interviewed for the book.

Reviews from Amazon readers:

I am in my fifties and beginning to seriously consider retiring. I’ve seen lots of books about preparing yourself financially, and certainly seen “self-help” stuff describing how to be comfortable with yourself when you retire. But Roiter’s book is the first I’ve seen that knits all the areas to consider – social, financial, personal and physical – into an understandable, integrated picture. He uses common sense terms, and entertaining real-life examples, to explain how to prepare for what should be one of the best periods of your life. – From Looking to Enjoy Life

This book emphasizes the fact that not since you were very young have you had a chance to think or act on your own behalf. Now you can do what works for you. Using easy-to-grasp illustrations of the focus of our lives during various stages, the author opens up new possibilities for the “new adult” to look at what retirement has to offer. I have recommended this book to several people and each has responded with thanks and enthusiasm. (My broker bought it for her mother-in-law.) Several report their identification with the personal stories the author includes. The book encourages one to think differently about one’s life, retired or not. – From Dee Monroe

And more reviews are available on Amazon


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