Retire-o-meter: Measuring Your Retirement Confidence

In the mid-70s The Gong Show used an ‘Applause-O-Meter’ when finalists would be rounded up at the end of the show and the audience would pick a winner via applause. A silly but useful tool. What if you could use a similar tool to rate your preparation for and likely success during retirement?

People I have talked with who are preparing for retirement focus the bulk of their energy creating and worrying about their retirement finances. This preparation is key to secure a successful retirement but it covers only one of four challenges faced during retirement. Those who have recently retired find that their security and success is based on their financial well-being as well as their physical, social and personal well-being.

During my research for Beyond Work: How Accomplished People Retire Successfully (Wiley, 2008) I learned what it takes to retire well and enjoy this new and different adulthood. These retired ‘New Adults’ understood that life beyond work is multi-faceted. Also, they were confident in their ability to live a meaningful retired life.

Understanding what is important during retirement and having the confidence in one’s ability to meet and master challenges differentiate successful retirees from those who are disappointed and unhappy. Understanding is increased with knowledge of what is to come, which increases security and lessens nasty surprises. Talking with experts in retirement, both professionals (accountants, financial planners, doctors, clergy and others) and friends who are a step or two ahead of you is a great way to build understanding. Reading books and articles helps to convert understanding into knowledge and eventually wisdom.

Confidence in the ability to meet new challenges and enjoy life is what pulls accomplished people through the tough times and actually improves their quality of life. This is true at all ages.
How confident are you in your ability to live well once you move beyond work? It’s a hard question to answer. Here are some additional questions:

How confident are you in your ability to:
• Build confidence in weak areas?
• Know which areas are weak?
• Monitor your confidence over time?
• Pinpoint specific challenges that you can learn to master?

As you probably suspect, these are loaded questions. The Roiter Retirement Confidence Profile (RCP) has been developed from the research conducted for Beyond Work. The RCP will help you to answer the questions above and provide you with ideas about how to increase your confidence. It can function as your ‘Retire-O-Meter’ confidence measure. You can complete the RCP at

More than 800 people have completed the no-cost, no obligation RCP since it went on line in June, 2008. It has 20 statements about retirement that you are asked to consider and indicate your level of agreement. For example, how strongly do you agree with this statement: “I trust my judgment regarding financial matters”? The RCP will provide you with your current level of confidence on a scale of 20 to 100. It also provides you with confidence scores in your ability to maintain financial, physical, social and personal well-being. You can complete the RCP as often as you want to determine if you are improving your weak areas and maintaining your strengths.

My hope is that you can use the RCP to help you to build your confidence in your retirement.


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