About the Blogger: Dr. Bill Roiter

Like most career-focused people Dr. Bill Roiter had not really thought much about retirement until something happened: many of his clients began to ask him his ideas on the subject. Over the past 30 years Bill, a psychologist, has used his knowledge of human behavior to consult to organizations and to coach their executives. Many of the people Bill has known and worked with over the years are retiring or are contemplating it. Many have asked Bill what they should know and think about as they move beyond their work-focused lives. Then four years ago Bill´s wife retired from her corporate job and focused Bill´s attention on the personal, as well as the professional, aspects of this dynamic part of life. Bill’s book Beyond Work is the result of his work with these accomplished people.

Bill maintains his own executive coaching practice in the Boston area. In 2004, he coauthored a book with Margaret Butteriss that identified and described Corporate MVPs (Wiley, 2004). He has also owned and sold two businesses, been a vice president for sales and marketing of a publicly traded company, and helped found a venture capital-backed electronic communications company. For the past 12 years Bill has focused his work on coaching executives as they transition to their next challenge.

Bill´s professional training includes a bachelor´s, master´s and doctoral degree from Boston University and post-doctoral training and teaching at Harvard University. Bill also teaches executive coaching to professionals looking to develop this expertise.

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