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Are you worried about your retirement finances?

We live in worried times. I don’t have to tell you how uncertain the economy is today, how we have all seen our hard- earned retirement savings whither. It is clear that the only thing our country’s best economic thinkers can do is sit in the front couple of seats this roller coaster we’re riding and yell, “keep your head down!” This was not the financial security we had planned on as we looked towards retirement.

People are looking for help with our growing worry over our once-secure retirement finances. If you are not worried then you are either very rich or you have just not been listening. Worry is natural—it warns us of impending danger. This is a good thing. However, too much worry, such as worrying about worrying, can paralyze us. It can lead to a flight toward any sense of safety, which might serve as a quick fix that may briefly reduce the worry, but won’t improve your situation. Worried decisions are almost always bad decisions.

Worry as a growth industry
Worry has created a minor growth industry for retirement seminars. Unfortunately, these seminars only address a small fraction of what it takes to retire successfully. They tackle some of the financial issues at stake, but ignore the other aspects needed to craft a successful retirement. You can read the rest of this article at lifeafter50.com

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