Your Life Beyond Work

Welcome to this blog which is based on my book: Beyond Work: How Accomplished People Retire Successfully (Wiley, 2008).  The research I conducted for the book provided me with a new understanding and appreciation of retirement.  This understanding has deepened as I work with people considering retirement or recently retired, conduct daylong seminars for those considering retirement and as I write articles and work with the news media.  I will use this blog as a way to share my ideas and to learn from yours.

The idea of retirement as a retreat from the active world no longer holds water.   Today, our focus is not what have done, it is what we can do.  If I had my way we would retire the word retire and replace it with a word that represented the idea of moving forward.  As a realist I doubt that this will happen in our lifetime.

What I did learn from my research is that there is a true shift in how people in their 50s and above think about what is important.  This shift occurs whether you stop working for money or not.  From our early 20s to our 50s we typically have a life focused on our careers and our families.  Beginning in our 50s our priorities shift and what we want changes.  In effect, we enter a new New Adulthood, a time when we build on our career-focused life to create our new life.  As Career Adults most of us put our energies into building success at work and into raising a family.  The energy we had to spare we used to satisfy our personal needs and wants.  This what changes as we move beyond work.

New Adults have priorities that differ from what has come before.  We face four major challenges:

1.    Financial security as we reduce or give up our earned income.

2.    Physical well being as we age and manage our health.

3.    Social well being as we rely more on friends and family.

4.    Personal well being as we decide for ourselves what we need and want.

Do you know what you want?


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